Learning about Local Cheese

Cheese making has a long history in and around the Petaluma area; Marin French Cheese was established in 1865 and, today, is one of many artisan cheese makers that are attracting cheese aficionados to our region. The landscape of our local cheese industry continues to evolve as more cheese makers enter the scene and a [...]

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Noshin’ in Nicasio

The tiny enclave of Nicasio sits quietly tucked away in rural west Marin, seemingly unaware of the passage of time and pleasantly devoid of tourist bustle. We’ve passed through there a time or two, marveling at the untouched charm of the place; existing on the fringe of the Bay Area but somehow remaining a world [...]

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The Road Less Traveled: Petaluma to Marshall

Oftentimes in travel, as in life, it is the “getting there” that is the best part of the experience. In our fast paced lives we are easily tempted to take the fastest route, the quickest mode of transportation, and just not stop until we get there. Time is always of the essence and in the [...]

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A Winter Day at Dillon Beach

It has been pretty cold and wet lately so when the sun came out on Saturday we put the chores on hold at our house and headed out to enjoy the day. It was a much needed break from being cooped up indoors; the warm winter sun raised my spirits and let me shake off [...]

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Doable Day Trips for Kids

Only a month left before summer is over! The kids will be going back to school and the days will start getting shorter.  Make the most of what’s left of the season by planning some excursions a bit farther from home.  If you’re looking for some new ideas here is a list of doable daytrips [...]

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Hay or Café au Lait?

We were back in Pt. Reyes Station yesterday, planning to buy some plastic Adirondack chairs at the Ace Building Supply Store. They were out of the red ones we wanted so we’ll be checking back.  The town was a hive of activity; a big change from the quiet morning we had last week.  There were [...]

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Heading West for Breakfast

Summer is upon us and the weather is heating up.  On Saturday it started getting warm early and gave us a good excuse to head to the coast for some breakfast.  I love that we have such easy access to the coast from Petaluma. It makes it possible to take a trip west on a [...]

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Toddling to the Teepees

As a California native I know better than to be ungrateful for rain but I was disappointed that it thwarted our plans for this past weekend.  Sometimes a rainy day adventure is great and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  So, I have found myself thinking back to a trip we took a few weeks [...]

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