Touring the Holiday Lights

The holiday lights seem to be shining brighter in Petaluma this year. During our evening driving tours we have seen more houses with lights and more lights on individual houses than we can remember in recent years. I don’t know whether that is a sign of our economy getting better or just people getting tired [...]

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Riding the Russian River

There we were; lazily coasting down the Russian River in quiet isolation, water calming lapping up along the sides of the boat, birds chirping in the distance, sun shining, and river glistening… Or, at least, that is how I imagined our day on the calmest stretch of the Russian River. Reality was more of a [...]

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Mendonoma Brewery Tour

Let me start by stating that I’ve never been much of a beer drinker but with so many good local breweries in my own backyard I figured it is never too late to start! Seized by an urge to investigate our local world of micro-breweries, we recently embarked on an impromptu beer tasting tour that [...]

Noshin’ in Nicasio

The tiny enclave of Nicasio sits quietly tucked away in rural west Marin, seemingly unaware of the passage of time and pleasantly devoid of tourist bustle. We’ve passed through there a time or two, marveling at the untouched charm of the place; existing on the fringe of the Bay Area but somehow remaining a world [...]

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Asian Botanical Bounty at Quarryhill

Sunny spring weather has certainly been elusive this year, grey days and intermittent drizzles persist, but the fresh leaves sprouting on trees and the abundance of flowers blooming provide a bright reminder that spring is here. When I think of the change of seasons I always remember my time in Japan; the Japanese celebrate the [...]

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Indoor Family Fun for Spring Break

Spring break is here and the weather forecast is looking wet, wet, and wet. Resist the temptation to stay at home and get out and enjoy some fun family activities. There are expanded hours and special events planned that will make everyone happy, from the bookworms to the bundles of energy. Bowl a few frames Put up [...]

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Lake County Snow Expedition

We awoke this morning to a gloriously crisp winter day full of sunshine and clear skies; what a disappointment. There was no snow! We were robbed of an historic Petaluma snow day! Following our happenstance trip up Mount Sonoma last weekend we were all geared up and ready to go. The sled was even in [...]

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Snowy Day in Petaluma

As we were watching the commemorative Fred Wiseman flight takeoff from the airport on Saturday we looked up and saw snow peaking out from beneath the clouds around Sonoma Mountain. At first we thought our eyes were playing tricks on us but when the clouds momentarily lifted we clearly saw the snow stretching down through the [...]

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Sonoma Zipline Exhilaration! Part II

...continued from Sonoma Zipline Exhilaration! Part I From platform three we graduated quickly from “warming up” to “hair-raising”. This zip was much farther, spanning a 300 foot deep ravine! “Relax a bit, let your left hand hang, and take a look down on this one”, we were advised. Hmm. Ok. As one person stood on [...]

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Sonoma Zipline Exhilaration! Part I

There was a time when I was a bit of an adrenalin junkie; I rode a motorcycle, did a bit of skydiving, and tried some rock climbing, that sort of thing. It was mostly back in my twenties, less in my thirties, and now, in my forties, I don’t feel as compelled. Maybe I’m mellowing [...]

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