Tasting Chowder in Bodega Bay: Saturday 11am-3pm

One of the perks of living so close to the coast is having easy access to one of my favorite dishes – fresh chowder! Opinions on what makes a great chowder run the gamut; should the potatoes be in big pieces or small, should it have a some kick, heavy on the herbs or not, [...]

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Learning about Local Cheese

Cheese making has a long history in and around the Petaluma area; Marin French Cheese was established in 1865 and, today, is one of many artisan cheese makers that are attracting cheese aficionados to our region. The landscape of our local cheese industry continues to evolve as more cheese makers enter the scene and a [...]

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Mendonoma Brewery Tour

Let me start by stating that I’ve never been much of a beer drinker but with so many good local breweries in my own backyard I figured it is never too late to start! Seized by an urge to investigate our local world of micro-breweries, we recently embarked on an impromptu beer tasting tour that [...]

Noshin’ in Nicasio

The tiny enclave of Nicasio sits quietly tucked away in rural west Marin, seemingly unaware of the passage of time and pleasantly devoid of tourist bustle. We’ve passed through there a time or two, marveling at the untouched charm of the place; existing on the fringe of the Bay Area but somehow remaining a world [...]

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Making Apple Pies at Two Rock Ranch

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smells, and flavors of the season. As the air starts to chill, the leaves begin to fall, and the autumn harvest yields ingredients for warm, tasty comfort food, I decided to inaugurate the season by honing my pie baking skills at Olympia Apple [...]

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