Petaluma Pumpkin Patches & Events 2011

It is pumpkin season! This is my favorite time of year and there is no better place than Petaluma to enjoy the autumn bounty and the growing number of activities and attractions that go along with it. The pumpkin patches start to open this weekend and promise weeks of festivities and entertainment to keep you [...]

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Blooming Wildflowers at Bouverie

The tenacious existence of wildflowers is something worth admiration. Without the coddled manicured care of a garden flower the wildflower exists on its own temerity; unruly and independent. Our erratic spring weather gave us plenty of rain but less sun and late chills. Still, the wildflowers arrived to bring us their bright and transient beauty. [...]

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The Road Less Traveled: Petaluma to Marshall

Oftentimes in travel, as in life, it is the “getting there” that is the best part of the experience. In our fast paced lives we are easily tempted to take the fastest route, the quickest mode of transportation, and just not stop until we get there. Time is always of the essence and in the [...]

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Petaluma Pumpkin Patches

Petaluma embraces the spirit of Halloween like no other place I have ever lived and it all starts with a visit to the pumpkin patch. It may be unseasonably warm but that didn’t keep me from taking my son to the Adobe Pumpkin patch last Friday. He had been asking for the “pumpins” [...]

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Walking the Petaluma Wetlands

This beautiful fall weather is one of the reasons I enjoy this time of year, especially after a rather lackluster summer of fog and grey skies.  With the days getting shorter and last weekend’s rainy day reminder of what is to come I decided to ditch the gym yesterday and go exploring in the Petaluma [...]

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Roaming the Redwoods

There is nothing quite like a grove of redwoods to make you feel your place in the world.  These towering giants have been witnesses to the world for centuries; their immense height and longevity make a person feel diminutive by comparison.  Redwoods are tucked in all around us in the North Bay, impressive even in [...]

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Doable Day Trips for Kids

Only a month left before summer is over! The kids will be going back to school and the days will start getting shorter.  Make the most of what’s left of the season by planning some excursions a bit farther from home.  If you’re looking for some new ideas here is a list of doable daytrips [...]

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

The good weather this last weekend was worth celebrating.  It has been a long rainy spring, which has happily brought us out of our drought but has definitely had me in the doldrums lately.  In honor of the sunny days I wanted some good frolicsome fun so we loaded up the car and [...]

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Shollenberger Park through Binoculars

Walking Shollenberger Park is a great way to spend a sunny morning (or lunchtime, or afternoon).  I’ve made the two-mile loop many times and am always amazed that this place exists.  It is only five minutes from my house but is such an unexpectedly serene escape from urban life.  Last week I had the opportunity [...]

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Toddling to the Teepees

As a California native I know better than to be ungrateful for rain but I was disappointed that it thwarted our plans for this past weekend.  Sometimes a rainy day adventure is great and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  So, I have found myself thinking back to a trip we took a few weeks [...]

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