Mendonoma Brewery Tour

Let me start by stating that I’ve never been much of a beer drinker but with so many good local breweries in my own backyard I figured it is never too late to start! Seized by an urge to investigate our local world of micro-breweries, we recently embarked on an impromptu beer tasting tour that [...]

Riding the Skunk Train

It has been twenty years since I first rode the Skunk train out of Fort Bragg.  At the time I had limited train travel experience and found myself captivated by the romantic feel of the old steam train as we plied our way through the redwood forest.  Since then I’ve come to appreciate train travel [...]

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Harpin’ Boont: The Lingo of Boonville

It has been a few weeks since I recounted my brief visit to Boonville in Mendocino’s Anderson Valley.  At the time I took an interest in the old local language, Boontling, and have been reading through "Boontling: An American Lingo" by Charles C. Adams.  It’s a language book with wonderful historical and anthropological context.  I [...]

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Where Trash Became Treasure

In California we are blessed with many unique beaches but I doubt there are many that are sought after because they used to be town dumps.  Glass Beach in Fort Bragg is popular for exactly that reason.  It was a local dumping ground in the 50’s but by the late 60’s people had come to [...]

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The Borough of Boont

A couple of months ago I read about an event at the Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Boonville.  I had never heard of Boonville so I did some Googling to figure out where it was located.  Turns out it is about 30 mi northwest of Cloverdale on highway 128, in the heart of the Andersen Valley [...]

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