Lavender & Honey

Flowers and bees have a wonderfully symbiotic relationship.  Bees pollinate the flowers and the flowers nourish the bees; happy flowers mean more flowers and happy bees mean honey!  You can learn more about happy flowers and bees at the Lavender Bee Farm in Petaluma, a charming family owned farm known for their lavender and honey [...]

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American Graffiti: Where were you in ’62?

Well, I wasn’t born yet.  My parents weren’t even dating.  But, they were part of the American Graffiti generation, spending their teen years cruising “the boulevard” (albeit entirely different boulevards), executing Chinese fire drills at intersections, and drag racing for pink slips in the outskirts of town (ok, that was just my dad).  Today, things [...]

Shollenberger Park through Binoculars

Walking Shollenberger Park is a great way to spend a sunny morning (or lunchtime, or afternoon).  I’ve made the two-mile loop many times and am always amazed that this place exists.  It is only five minutes from my house but is such an unexpectedly serene escape from urban life.  Last week I had the opportunity [...]

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Competing for Petaluma’s Cutest Little Chick

The Petaluma Farms Cutest Little Chick contest has been the high point of Butter & Egg Days for us since we moved to Petaluma.  When I heard about the contest three years ago I had to enter my four month old son.  It reminded me of the year my mom entered me and my brother in our [...]

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Backyard Traveling

A favorite quote of mine is from George Moore, “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it”.  For many years I sought out adventure in far corners of the world but in 2007 life landed me in Petaluma.  As a Bay Area native I thought [...]

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